Marta (Marta Santos P1115) was built in 1990 by Marine Projects in Plymouth. Built for a Portuguese businessman, Joseph Santos, Marta spent her first seven years in Porto, Portugal. As far as is known, she was never raced during this time, or at least not with the same enthusiasm as some of the South Coast boats. Afterwards, she was then brought back to the UK, were she was sold to a Mr J P Stephens and renamed Marta of St Mawes GBR6388T. She spent another seven peaceful years being cruised along the South Coast of the UK and the North Brittany coast, still with no real racing to speak of.

In 2005 Marta was back on the market. The Stephens’, having decided to cross the Atlantic, found a boat more suited to their dream. So, in September of 2005 with my best friend, I bought Marta of St Mawes. There were a few thoughts of name changes, but we decided to keep her name. She is now just Marta. Having bought her to cruise, I was soon hooked on the idea of racing after a fun, but slow JOG Race to Cherbourg. It was there that I met the owner of Persephone, another Sigma, who invited me to crew with them to learn more about racing a Sigma 38. After a time, I was invited to join Persephone for the 2007 season and as part of the crew for that years’ Fastnet. After a good start to the offshore season we found ourselves in a collision with a rock off St Malo, with only a few weeks to go until the Fastnet. From this sticky situation, through a little thought and some persuasion of the RORC committee, we started the 2007 Fastnet using Marta, under the guise of Persephone. Although this proved to be one of the hardest Fastnet races, Marta brought us home safe and sound 1st in our division, 2nd in class and 37th overall. We recorded the fastest Fastnet run for a Sigma 38; 4 days, 3 hours and 8 mins. Some 6 hours faster than any previous race. Competing again in the 2011 Fastnet, Marta came in 2nd in the Sigma 38s, just beaten by my friend in Persephone. Marta is now solely owned by me and is regularly campaigned in both the Spring and Winter Series racing in the Solent, JOG and RORC Offshore racing, as well as being available for skippered-charter.

Brian Skeet (Skipper-Owner)

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