New website!

Welcome to the new website for Marta. The website is designed for you to keep up to date with your favourite Sigma 38, her race results, events calender and all details on sailing and chartering.

The website is laid out to make it simple to navigate around and discover all you need to know about Marta. There are tabs for different pages across the top of the site. The blog will be updated with relevant news too, which you can view on the Homepage. You can also ‘Follow’ the blog, by clicking the link on the right hand side of the page, then all new blog posts will also arrive straight to your email inbox.

We have new Flickr and Youtube accounts for you to be able to view new photos and videos of the boat. These can be found via the photos and videos pages and will be updated regularly.

If you have been/are/will be a member/friend of the Marta crew, then please send any photos and videos you may have to so they can be added. Similarly, should you wish to write a race report, please do so and email to the same address, so it can be added to the blog. Anything needing to be edited, or added, again please let us know.